SayHelloThere - The Easiest Way to Create Video Resumes

The Easiest Way To Create Video Resumes.

Introduce yourself to employers with a custom video resume page and crush the competition.

  • ✓ Record a video on your computer and
  • upload it.
  • ✓ Write about yourself, upload any
  • documents, and social media links.
  • ✓ Send the page to the employer.
  • ✓ Know when they open your page
  • and what they click or download.
Your platform is super elegant and freaking awesome. I got hired in 24 hours!
We love when candidates send us interactive SayHelloThere pages!
I used SayHelloThere three times and got a callback or email from all three employers within a week.
I landed a $50,000 sponsor for my art project next year using SayHelloThere.
  • Usnews
  • Reuters
  • Nytimes
  • Quicksprout
  • Kstartups


Why do I need a video resume to apply for a job?

Think of how many people apply for jobs by sending in a resume and repeated cover letter. You’ll get lucky if it even gets looked at.

Why is this better than a cover letter?

A custom video page allows you to tell your story and create a memorable first impression. A cover letter is generic and plain.

With our analytics, you can actually know if the employer looked at your page so you don't have to suffer from anxiety.

How easy is to create a page?

It takes seconds. Write about you, upload a video, add links to your
social media profiles, upload any documents and you're all set!

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